Seba Sorera
Seba SoreraPhotographer
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"Traveling has always been life! Each trip is a dream that becomes a reality. Being surrounded by so much nature, sunsets, people, and cultures motivates me and fills my heart with love and happiness. In 2019, I met the EJU family! Traveling gave meaning to personal and artistic issues. We flew far away to make more friends, the essence of all trips is to be in good company with whom you can share and accept that the trip never ends. With EJU!, I found that: a one-way trip, but a traveling family on the way back, with whom I hope to continue going around the world. Let's travel with love and for love! It's the right activity to live your unique dreams. My experience with EJU!: Thailand and Mexico City."
Majo Celano
Majo CelanoSpeech Therapist
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It has been 3 years since my first trip with EJU! and I keep adding destinations, all of them full of memorable experiences thanks to them! Without a doubt, getting to know the agency and its director, Laura, revolutionized my way of seeing trips. Nowadays, every new experience they offer, I don't think twice about it! Because EJU! is trust, adventure, authentic experiences, freedom, and safety on every trip. My experience with EJU: Bolivia and Peru, Rio and Paraty, Thailand.
Mariana Talavera
Mariana TalaveraTechnique in Gastronomy
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I generally do not travel with traditional agencies because they sell commercial tourism, that of the tourist who invades, who is there for a while. In contrast, EJU offers authentic experiences. Every time I see their packages, I already know I want a spot in that group. The times I traveled with EJU! I did it alone, and I had a lot of fun because the people who sign up for the group are not ordinary tourists, they are natural adventurers. They are people who always join the VA - MOS. My experiences with EJU: Bolivia Peru, Mendoza Bariloche, and Córdoba, and registered for Iceland.
Marta Sanchez
Marta SanchezStudent
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I liked the spontaneity of the itinerary and the cool vibe of EJU. When I finally traveled with them, I realized that the experience was entirely different from the famous beach tourism or jumping from one place to another just to take photos without feeling the essence of the place you are visiting. Once I read a word from a Guarani ethnic group, Yluux, which meant "respect for the landscape," and for me, EJU represents that, respect for the pace of travel and the landscape. My experiences with EJU: Bolivia Peru, Mexico Day of the Dead, and registered for New York.
Mikhail Szwako
Mikhail SzwakoWeb Developer
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I like traveling with EJU! because, apart from their destinations that I love, they work with very good vibes people! Well-prepared coordinators with the best intentions always. EJU has payment facilities, making it more accessible to visit the exotic places proposed in each trip. If you like the backpacker vibe, EJU is your agency. My experiences with EJU: Bariloche, Mendoza, Cordoba - Thailand, and soon Iceland.
Tomás Valiente
Tomás ValienteNursing
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What I like most about the agency is the way they treat their clients, with warmth and humility. I was struck by the fact that in the Bolivia Peru program, they said that each traveler has a story and a reason why they travel, and they respected and honored that. I was going through a very difficult time and needed to find myself, and when I got in touch with Laura, I noticed that she treated people in a very special way, and I knew I was on the right path. She also told me that she was expecting a baby and that she was going to name it after me. My experiences with EJU: Bolivia Peru and Colombia.
Gabriela Britez
Gabriela BritezAdministration
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I choose EJU because of their innovative destinations and itineraries, the support and good vibes of the guides throughout the entire trip. On EJU trips, you always end up making friends. I highly recommend the agency because they always propose incredible journeys. My experiences with EJU: Mendoza Bariloche Córdoba and Thailand.

Since 2013, we have been dedicated to creating authentic experiences, pioneers of the “BACKPACKER” modality starting our adventures in Bolivia & Peru. We now have over 2500 travelers. Join this community of travelers!

Our dedication is to create and sell creative travel experiences at a low cost, providing our adventurers with excellent service and continuous improvement of our structure and human team.

Our goal is to achieve annual growth in innovation and leader positioning as the only agency in Paraguay that designs road trips. We are committed to providing quality service and passenger loyalty.

We put ourselves in other people’s shoes and understand their needs.

We provide a friendly and positive attitude ready to assist and help.

We work in a line of transparency, respect, and honesty.

We focus on continuously improving the quality of service and human treatment.

We collaborate in an environment of permanent synergy and harmony.






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