A journey inward, which begins in quarantine.

10 months ago from the last traveling adventure. I’ve been living in zombie mode for 10 months, feeling asleep, and locked up, basically I’m Rapunzel with a mix of Sleeping Beauty. Although I have been a mother for 18 months, that did not stop me from having travel experiences before the quarantine. What’s more, the desire only increased, because now I can see everything much more beautiful through other little eyes, full of surprise and wonder, when seeing an animal, or the sea, or getting on a local means of transport or talking in another language or with people with another accent. We were able to go with the child to Mexico, Colombia and Argentina accompanying EJU groups when a pandemic was not hitting the world.

And what conclusions can we reach with this pandemic that is plaguing the world… Well, if this didn’t shake up all your plans, you live on Mars and say that there is no pandemic there.

But if it did, it rocked everyone’s plans.

TEAM “A” blames the pandemic that they could not carry out their year normally, that some of their plans were frustrated and that when all this is over; and well, finish, and as usual. “TEAM B” found opportunities in crises and even turned on all its engines to reorganize its life and meet those goals that it put off every year.

Because this pandemic showed that the world could end; and that if it continues, it is because it is giving us the chance to finally take that leap that is hidden in the very conscious unconscious, but that until now, we have been turning off every morning when we wake up, as if it were an alarm that must be silenced. .

For me, this 2020 is about allowing myself to rest and enjoy motherhood, having days without achieving anything and without feeling guilty about it. It is also a year of allowing myself to stop the car to think and analyze where I should go from now on. That is what is important, taking the first step towards growth and continuing to move forward little by little.

COVID came to analyze us all, to change and be better, with nature, and with ourselves.

For me, this 2021 is full of plans and dreams, which I know will come true because I am understanding that a new reality is formed from a new approach, connecting, asking, thanking and being sure that the Universe or God or Upper Force is working with me towards it.

To listen to my interior and stop listening to the outside. To trust that what I want for me is absolutely available. I just have to take the steps, without distraction.

My goal is titled “A JOURNEY INWARD” and it is available to everyone who sees that life is there to be lived and that there is always, always, always a way if we want to fulfill our dreams.

I don’t know when exactly (because we need the vaccine) but hopefully let’s say that from April to December, I will travel slowly and leisurely. One month at a time. From one country per month.

The idea is the following:

Back to Thailand in April.

Get to know Indonesia in May.

Touring the Philippines in June, Malaysia in July, Vietnam in August.

Maybe China and Japan in September.

Italy and Iceland in October.

The Riviera Maya in November

And last but not least, ending up in New York for Christmas and New Years.

I invite you to join the whole plan, or any part of it, freely. They will all be LIMITED EDITION AVAILABLE EXPERIENCES. You will not travel alone, we would travel in a group, together, slow and leisurely. While we keep our jobs, remotely.

This “experience retreat” is totally doable for anyone. You have to know that there are people who take their car and go to Alaska. Some people do it with their children. There are people who work remotely from anywhere in the world, since all they need is a computer and the internet. There are people who write about their experiences and live from their books to continue traveling, or from photography, or from content on social networks. There are all kinds of people, and they are not extraterrestrial or very different from you. It’s just people who decided to no longer live as others expect them to live, and start living as they want to. The important thing is to make the decision personally, and from personal desire.

The important thing is to give value and priority to the experiences that we can have in life, to live to stop surviving, and to enjoy every moment of our very brief time on earth.

When people say that this lifestyle, or whatever they want, could never be their life and that they are destined to be prisoners of a job they don’t like, a schedule, material things and they don’t see other exits: like undertaking, becoming independent or remote work (which we all realized in the face-slapping pandemic that DOES work) and that it is not necessary to incur expenses for renting premises or mobilization, vehicle and loss of so much time in the transit; It saddens me, because you can feel that this is not your destiny or your purpose, but even so, sometimes out of fear of some external factor, you are choosing it.

They didn’t realize (or maybe they did, for a brief period and then forgot) that the happier we are (us with ourselves) the more inspired and creative we can be, that the sky is the limit when we get out of our comfort zone. That when we go a little beyond fear we transform what we believe we are, to what we really are; BEAUTIFUL that can achieve it and achieve everything they set their minds to, absolutely EVERYTHING.

If you have a roof, if you are in good health and eat every day, then you have EVERYTHING. Be grateful, -because I’m sure you see it every day-, there are many people who do not have ONE or none of those basic things. There are so many diseases in the world, so many possibilities for bad things to happen, but they didn’t happen to you. We are privileged. Are we waiting for something bad to happen to us? There we are going to realize that we should follow our instinct and heart when we could?

The other alternative is to live the life you know you deserve, understand that what you are looking for is looking for you too. That if you connect with everything that surrounds you and capture the essence and the incredible of the universe; You are grateful for the infinity of privileges you have and you understand the value of your existence, you will understand that all your dreams are available to you, they are there just around the corner, you just have to walk there, and you will achieve them. find, 100% insured. 100%.

Always remember that everyone is going to comment on the path you take, about whether you changed, whether you went crazy, whether you are unconscious or irresponsible. There are those who love you and care about you and your well-being, who are afraid that something bad will happen to you, and they are going to ask you not to take risks, that you better stay where you are. You can do it or you can fulfill your mission and life purpose. You can make your own decisions and understand that everyone has their path, their mistakes, their successes, and no one is going to live them for the other. Always remember that when you achieve it and they see you happy with your decisions so outside-what-is-dictated-by-society, others will admire you for the courage that they perhaps did not have. Perhaps you will even inspire others.

If when you close your eyes, you feel that this internal fire wants to grow towards something or place, go for it. Your future self will be proud of the risks you took. Your future self does not want to remain identical to your present self. Don’t stand still, we are human beings, not trees. Investing (either time or money) in yourself should be the only kind of good investment. You are solely responsible for making your life transform.

Don’t be disappointed, and treat yourself with love.


As the brilliant Robin Williams (who on a day like today in 2014 committed suicide) said in the movie “Dead Poets Society”:

“I went into the woods because I wanted to live intensely; I wanted to get the most out of life. Banish everything that was not life, so as not to discover at the moment of my death that I had not lived.”

“I have climbed on my table to remember that you have to look at things in a different way. The world looks different from up here.”

“Only by dreaming do we have freedom, it has always been like this and it will always be like that”

“We all need to be accepted, but they must understand that their convictions are theirs, they belong to them”

This movie is about a group of students who attend a highly disciplined school, until one day they receive a very particular teacher, who encourages them to fulfill their passions. In the film, as in life, society tells us that we must follow “x” path even if it doesn’t make us happy. It is our task and only ours to make ourselves happy. Look at her!

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