The importance of a Vision Board when fulfilling dreams.

I recently read this book, rather, I devoured it. Yes, you could call it a cliché “self-help” book but that is exactly what I needed, and this is not just any self-help book, this book is changing my life. This book reignited what was dormant inside of me. It’s a book that made me laugh, and if something makes me laugh, it has all my guaranteed love. This book is called YOU ARE A BADASS and I am a fan.

In addition to making me laugh, this 250-page book brought together all the techniques I needed to improve my life. Techniques that if you read and don’t do, it’s like the book will look at you funny. I need so many people I know to read it, but I can’t lend it to them (apparently a borrowed book is never returned) because it has become my bible, so I decided that I will buy some and give them as gifts on birthdays or any other celebration, eagerly waiting for them to read it.

This book taught me to find again what I desire and to manifest it to the universe, asking for it with all my might and moving towards it once and for all. To leave that zombie way of living (you see what I did there?).

What is that about asking the universe, you may ask?

Should I look up to the sky, make a wish, and wait?

Hmm, yes, something like that.

Rather, it’s about eliminating all the dirt we have in our minds (insecurities, what society will say, mental blocks, limiting beliefs) and from that cleanliness, discover our true desires. What do we want to achieve for ourselves, not for my mom or the neighbor, for us. Life is short, very short. You have your life. Others have theirs.

Duh, I know you know, but you forget.

Once we discover our true desires (and there is no room for you to fall short here, if you want to be Kylie’s neighbor and party with her, it’s also valid, nothing is impossible, dream big, high), it’s time to increase our self-love and our confidence in ourselves. How? By studying the subject at hand, by hanging out with people who have already achieved it or are on their way to doing so, by obsessing over the idea, by making affirmations (every time your mind is negative, you interrupt it and say STOP THERE! Kylie is going to love me. What. Or whatever you need to rephrase mentally and affirm).

It’s time to fill yourself with these powerful affirmations so that your mind convinces itself that you are great, you are talented, you are funny, you are smart, you are capable, you are enough. Because you are. If you think otherwise, it’s just your dirty mind playing with you. Stop the car and make all the affirmations you can, goddamnit, you can even stick POST-ITS all over the wall, fridge, bathroom, mirror, everywhere with affirmations.


  • I am the most amazing person I know. For me, the most ridiculous affirmation and that’s why it’s the most difficult to do. But from repeating it so much in my head, I am convincing myself. I am reprogramming my brain, and guess what, it magically works because now I believe it and that can only take me up, not down. See how affirmations work?

  • All my dreams are available to me. I deserve them and will obtain them.

  • Enjoying my life is a priority.

  • I am an excellent mom, I give my son only the best of me.

  • I am tremendously proactive, creative, and capable. I design


The next, very important step is to VISUALIZE yourself partying with Kylie (it’s just an example, ok? not my dream hehe) at least 30 seconds a day, FEELING what you’re going to feel when you’re there. Why is this so important? Because your mind doesn’t know the difference between real memories and future visualizations, it stores everything in the unconscious and consciously aligns all your actions towards the goal. There is no room for distractions if you desire it with all your being and visualize it every day.

In addition to being entertaining (because it reminds me of elementary school arts and crafts), creating a VISION BOARD with images and phrases related to what you want to achieve is extremely productive. Seeing it every day will help your brain concentrate even more and will push you powerfully towards the goal. You will see all the opportunities that arise more clearly and you will not waste time on tasks that lead nowhere. I encourage you to make one.

Here are some examples of vision boards:

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Thanks for reading me!

With love,