How did EJU start?

Her dream was to be a flight attendant, so she could travel all over the world. When he finished school, like many of his friends, he had no idea what to do next, he knew he had to continue studying, but what!? His father brought him newspapers and magazines every Sunday and showed him how the field of tourism was beginning to grow and promise a beautiful future (travel? Hopefully!).

Laura tried Hospitality and Tourism at the National University.

In the second year of the degree, her mother asked her to present an end-of-year trip proposal to the 6th grade of her little brother’s school, she took up the challenge and immersed herself in the great mystery of organizing a tour.

After calls, emails, visits to suppliers and more emails, at the age of 21, he presented himself in a little suit and high-heeled shoes to the proposal meeting before the parents of the course and other travel agencies, with not-so-secure security, he presented his package; This consisted of a day trip to the Itaipu Hydroelectric Plant and in the afternoon to the water park, Acquamania, in Foz. After many questions from the parents, they finally told him that his package was the one!

The trip took place and everything went great. There it happened; that moment when you say to yourself THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE.

Returning to Asunción on the bus, one of the mothers asked to speak and I congratulate her on organizing the trip and working with the group. The entire bus applauded. Click! It didn’t take more. He recognized that his path was the organization of trips.

But now how did it continue? The next step was to work in a travel agency!

He managed to get into one, but his days were very boring. He came in very early and left very late. All her day she had spent in front of a computer trying to sell travel packages via mail that didn’t even appeal to her. He approached his boss and proposed creating trips for them, organizing them, looking for interesting destinations or congresses, and forming groups. The boss loved the idea and while she was talking to him, the light bulb went on… if that was what she wanted to do, she had to do it for herself and not for others… Thus, on the third day of work, she resigned.

EJU then, was born in 2013, with the organization of the trip to the Latin American Meeting of Design in Buenos Aires. He looked for good transportation, a nice hostel to make the trip cheaper, and added the La Costa Amusement Park to his package. He created a poster with poor graphic design skills and cheek went to universities to paste posters and enter courses to talk to students to get them to sign up for his trip. After the first registrations for the trip, he took a risk and paid the bus and lodging details. The terror began, he felt a lot of worry at night, he couldn’t sleep because of the doubts that flooded his head with questions like: what if the bus doesn’t fill up? What if I disappoint people? and if something goes wrong?

Thank God and the forces of the universe he did not give up. The bus was full and the maiden voyage started. Everything turned out great, she met incredible people who helped her along the way and loyal followers of the new travel agency created out of great desire. From this maiden voyage, new friends, new couples and even families were formed, aha.

Laura studied a Master’s Degree in International Tourism Management in Barcelona with the aim of making EJU grow and structure in the best way. She never managed to be a stewardess, sometimes the plans that God has for one are different from what one thought, the important thing is that each step taken is directed towards a dream, hers, to know the world and not always stay in the same place . Her current desire is to make EJU an online Roadtrips agency, which works perfectly from wherever she is and is recognized at a regional level as a high-quality service venture, with creative travel proposals and economic facilities for all heart adventurers. who follow it can also know the world.

EJU was born from a person who wanted to start with an idea and be in control of his own path. The secret to undertake is quite simple, jump into the pool. Why, what’s the worst that can happen? And if that happened, would it be so serious? And if you don’t, could you live with it? Or will it hammer you all your life?

The EJU team believes that what the world needs is more people who love what they do. Throw yourself in the pool!