First of all, please read the EJU “Travel Agreement” and complete the following form with your personal data.
You are one step away from your next adventure! After reading the contract and sending your information, you must make a deposit or bank transfer to the main ITAÚ account in Guaraní that we detail below and send the payment receipt to with your name, surname, destination and chosen date.

The amounts of the details may be for land trips starting at $50 and air travel starting at $100.
We take Itaú’s change and round it up to 7,400 Gs to the dollar, for the subsequent currency exchanges and shipping costs abroad that we must carry out. Remember that the other payments must be monthly in the amounts you can/want and that they cannot be refundable or transferable.



Banco ITAÚ Cuenta Corriente
Nro de Cuenta: 400002232
Maria Laura Peña CI 3.601.528


Banco ITAÚ Cuenta Corriente
Nro de Cuenta: 310011819
Mónica Vegega CI 3.601.529


1. The agency’s land packages can be paid monthly with minimum or maximum amounts available to the passenger and must be paid up to 45 days before the travel date. The air packages of the agency must be paid 2 months in advance. If the passenger does not pay for two consecutive months or notify them of their inconvenience, the agency may dispose of their place without any claim or refund, since the services to providers are being paid constantly. All payments must be made monthly and obligatorily, on dates from the 1st to the 10th of each month. Payment vouchers are received only by email at with the name, trip and chosen date of the traveler(s), it will be answered from EJU in order of arrival and where we will inform of the receipt and record of your money, as well as your outstanding balance (this will be your receipt and monthly record of your payments). At the end of the total payment, a legal invoice is delivered for the total value. On all trips, we create a WhatsApp group 20 days before departure to get to know each other, clarify any doubts and present the latest information.


2. Trips in Guarani are charged in Guarani through bank transfers, deposits, or credit or debit cards. The trips offered in dollars, have two payment options: 1) Transfers from accounts in GS or USD to our account in USD, or 2) In guaraníes on a monthly basis (recording in this case in your form, in guaraníes and making the change of the dollar only at the end of the total payment, with the necessary readjustment if the dollar has risen or fallen). In summary, the passenger chooses his comfort for his account deposits, but knowing that if the trip is priced in dollars, it is necessary to pay in that currency.

3. EJU accepts monthly charges in advance and without interest, making it easy for travelers to access a trip with the agency. It is for this reason that the travel agency disclaims all responsibility for refunding money and there will be no refunds of the registration or subsequent payments of the trip selected by the passenger. All these amounts paid to the agency may only be used to purchase a group trip from the agency, without the possibility of a claim, compensation or reimbursement before, during or after the chosen trip. The validity of passenger payments will be a maximum of 18 months or a change of date or destination with the agency, counting this time from your first registration. Take into account that notices of NO TRAVEL or requests to CHANGE DATE OR DESTINATION two months or less in advance of the previously scheduled departure may not be valid for change or even have surcharges due to services that have already been paid for and that may be non-transferable to others, such as air tickets or tours or accommodation that can no longer make modifications or refunds of reservations. Each case and surcharge will be discussed independently with the agency depending on the situation.

4. All passengers must be informed and have valid travel documentation according to the laws of the country of origin and the country of final destination. EJU declines all responsibility in case of not being able to start or continue the trip due to the absence, expiration or loss of the necessary documentation. The passport or ID must be valid for a minimum of 6 months, from the beginning of the travel date. EJU recommends that all passengers purchase travel insurance. The contact with the insurer for the use of the same is the responsibility of the traveler. EJU also recommends finding out about the necessary vaccinations according to the chosen destination and bringing demonstrable documentation of their application to the trip.

5. Land trips have a minimum of 18 people required for the trips to take place. In the event of a cancellation by the agency, your money will be fully refunded. Air travel has a minimum of 10 people to be accompanied by a coordinator from Paraguay, however, they can also make their trip without it, normally, if they do not reach the minimum amount required for departure; this means that the trip can also leave with the people registered as a group; The group will be advised and accompanied virtually and permanently through the WhatsApp group with EJU, they will also have different guides at the destination that will support them during the tour. Previous changes that may have occurred in the route or in the accuracy of the dates due to force majeure situations, are not valid for a refund by EJU to the traveler.

6. It is noted that each traveling person assumes sole responsibility for him about any incident that may happen completely unrelated to the intention and organization of the trip, also assumes responsibility for his physical, mental and / or health in general. Likewise, it is the sole responsibility of the person enrolled in the trip for the possible desire to return to their country of origin (without the possibility of claims or requests for refunds) ahead of time and the expenses that they may incur for whatever reason they are returning. The passengers of this trip state that they do not possess drugs or improper substances during the entire trip. Inside the bus, smoking is prohibited and the passenger’s behavior must be framed within the parameters of good conduct and respect for others. EJU reserves the right to admit and/or exclude from the trip passengers under the influence of drugs, alcohol or problematic people who alter the integrity of the group, terminating their services without the possibility of any claim, compensation or expense for the agency. The loss of personal belongings or the damage that may be caused, in the bus, accommodation or places visited, whether intentional or not, will be the sole responsibility of each passenger.

7. It is a priority for the agency to comply with the normal development of the travel program, its schedules, tours, destinations and accommodations. Even so, it is understood and accepted that travel plans, schedules, departures, destinations, routes, accommodations and all tours are subject to variation, rescheduling and/or cancellation if fortuitous events or force majeure occur; whether due to illness, arrests, civil unrest, restrictions, government regulations, robberies, discrepancies, strikes, demonstrations, roadblocks, absences, weather, environmental disasters, delays in immigration and/or customs, wars, landslides, or any other event totally unrelated to the intention of the trip. In these imponderable cases, EJU is not responsible for the extra expenses that may be incurred due to the loss of tours, accommodations or others due to the previously mentioned events. Yes, EJU will assume its responsibility to take charge of adjusting the logistics required by changes to the itinerary and/or excursions, making the most pertinent and judicious decisions for the good of the traveling group, decisions based on their experience and willingness to cope with these unforeseen inconveniences.

8. Each passenger is responsible for complying with the punctuality required by the agency, excessive delays at the time of departures will result in the passenger having to seek on their own to get to where the group is. The maximum tolerance and waiting time is 10 minutes.

9. In accordance with all the terms, I also give my consent to EJU Turismo to use my image, photographs and videos, if necessary, for the dissemination and communication of future travel promotions.

REGARDING AIR TICKETS: Once an air ticket is issued, it is not refundable or transferable to another person. Trips that contain air tickets must be paid in full, on the date indicated by the agency, without exceptions. Date changes may be made as long as the applicable fare rule allows it, and the penalties for re-issuance and fare difference must be paid. The NO SHOW occurs when the passenger does not show up at the airport for boarding at the time established by the Airline, which implies the total loss of the package, without the right to make any future claim. EJU Turismo with legal authorization by SENATUR, NRO 528, explicitly declares that it acts solely as an INTERMEDIARY, between the traveler and the Air Company. Therefore, it declines all responsibility for deficiencies that may occur during the provision of services, delays, cancellations, rescheduling, as well as loss of luggage and other traveler belongings, due to bad weather conditions, government decisions, natural catastrophes, bankruptcies or call of creditors and other events that may occur that make it impossible to carry out the trip. It will not be the responsibility nor will it imply any compensation on the part of EJU Turismo, and the traveler must address their claims or extrajudicial and/or judicial demands directly to the airline.