First of all, please read the EJU “Travel Agreement” and complete the following form with your personal data.
You are one step away from your next adventure! After reading the contract and sending your information, you must make a deposit or bank transfer via credit/debit card or paypal that we detail below and send the payment receipt to with your name, surname, destination and chosen date.

You can choose to pay the whole amount in one payment or, for land trips start at $50 and air travel start at $100 for your first payment.
Remember that the other payments must be from the 1 to the 10th day of every month in the amounts you can/want and that they cannot be refundable or transferable. For air travel you must finish paying 2 months before and for land trips 1 month before. 




DLocal Payments
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1. The terrestrial packages of the agency can be paid monthly with minimum or maximum amounts of what the passenger can each month and must finish paying until one month before the travel date. The air packages of the agency must be paid two months in advance. If the passenger does not pay two consecutive months the agency may dispose of the passenger’s place without any claim. It is your responsibility to make the accommodation reservations corresponding to extra days that are outside the itinerary proposed by EJU. It is your responsibility to buy the air tickets and make sure that they are correct. EJU can advise, look and buy for air tickets, but it is not responsible for incidents of delays and others that may arise.

2. EJU accepts monthly payment without interest, making it easy for travelers to access a trip with the agency. It is for this reason that the agency has no responsibility for claims, refunds of total or monthly payments of the trip selected by the passenger. All these amounts paid to the agency may only be used for the acquisition of a group trip from the agency, without the possibility of claiming, compensation or reimbursement before, during or after the chosen trip.The validity of the payments of the passengers will have a maximum of two years and/or two changes of date or destination with the agency, to count this time from your first registration to your first trip. Keep in mind that the notice of NOT TRAVELING or DATE CHANGE by passenger needs two months minimum in advance of the departure marked previously, may not have change validity and do have economic charges due to services that have already been paid for and that can be non-transferable to others, such as air tickets or tours or accommodation that because of their own policies can no longer make changes or refunds. Each case will be dealt independently with the agency depending on the situation.   

3. All passengers must be informed and have valid travel documentation according to the laws of the country of origin and the country of final destination. EJU declines all responsibility in case of  passengers not being able to start or continue the trip due to the absence, expiration, damage or loss of the necessary documentation. The passport or ID must be valid for a minimum of 7 months, from the beginning of the travel date. EJU recommends that all passengers purchase travel insurance with the agency for any case of cancellations, sickness, accidents, loss of luggage and for security in any case.  EJU is not responsible for any type of malpractice and/or bad attention on the part of insurance service providers or their derivatives. Also recommends finding out about the necessary vaccinations according to the chosen destination and bringing demonstrable documentation of this to the trip.

4. It is recorded that each traveling person assumes sole responsibility for him about any incident that may happen completely unrelated to the intention and organization of the trip, he also accepts responsibility and aptitude about his physical, mental, psychological and / or their health in general, being able to discern the convenience of participating or not in the activities proposed by the travel program, voluntarily assuming the risks and consequences that could happen to them. Pregnancy is considered a medical condition and must be communicated to EJU at the time of booking, EJU may deny the participation of any woman more than 2 weeks pregnant to travel.

There may be moments in which the EJU coordinators make a decision for safety and for the interest or well-being of the group; it is a condition of the reservation that you comply with and accept the decisions made in good faith by the EJU coordinators. If you do not comply or if you are not compatible with the general environment of the group or with a particular tour (such as if you present inappropriate language or behavior, are under the influence of drugs, alcohol or present any type of risk to yourself or for the trip altering the integrity and general well-being of the group, or your physical or mental condition is not adequate) you accept that EJU reserves the exclusive right to deny you the participation to start or continue with the trip or tour at any time, without complaints , compensation or complaints on your part for EJU, considering the service paused, suspended or terminated. In such case EJU will not grant any refund, compensation or additional costs incurred by you.

Likewise, it is the sole responsibility of the person enrolled in the trip for the possible desire to return to their country of origin (without the possibility of claims or requests for refunds) ahead of time and the expenses that they may incur for whatever reason they are returning. The passengers of this trip state that they do not possess drugs or improper substances during the entire trip. Inside the bus, smoking is prohibited and the passenger’s behavior must be framed within the parameters of good conduct and respect for others. The loss of personal belongings or the damage that may be caused, in the bus, accommodation or places visited, whether intentional or not, will be the sole responsibility of each passenger.

5. Still, it is understood and accepted that travel plans, schedules, departures, destinations, routes, accommodations and all tours are subject to all kinds of suspension, variation, rescheduling and/or cancellation if fortuitous events or of force majeure; whether due to illness, arrests, civil unrest, restrictions, government regulations, theft, discrepancies, strikes, demonstrations, roadblocks, transport damage, weather, disasters environmental issues, immigration and/or customs delays, wars, landslides, sudden prices increase or any other event totally alienated to the intention of the trip. The published price of the trip or any related product or service offered by EJU is subject to change at any time, before or after the confirmation of your reservation, up to 15 days before departure. EJU reserves the right to change the price of the trip taking into account any surcharge that may arise such as increases in the costs of transportation, lodging, tours, exchange rates, fees and taxes, as well as government increases that impact the price, and in any of the included services. The agency nor the passengers want these events to happen, and we must bear with a good attitude the adversities that could be introduced. 

6. Each passenger is responsible for complying with the punctuality required by the agency, excessive delay at the time of departures will result in the passenger having to look for your own to get to where the group is. The maximum time of tolerance and wait is 10 minutes.

7. Pursuant to all the terms, I also give my consent to EJU Turismo to use my image, photographs and videos if so for the dissemination and communication of future travel promotions.